Commercial Insurance in Easton, MA

Full Coverage Commercial Insurance in Easton, MA

Every commercial business owner needs to consider the liabilities and protection of their property. No one ever anticipates when an accident or disaster can happen, that’s why Center Insurance Agency provides unparalleled commercial insurance in Easton, MA. Our company not only covers commercial property insurance but the transportation industry as well. We want to help you stay safe and run your business confidently and worry-free. We help cover a variety of business industries, such as:

 • Restaurants

• Salons/Barbers

• Service Stations

• Builders

 • Convenience Store

• Electricians

• Flower Shops

• Landscapers

 • Masons

• Painters

• Plumbing/Heating

• Transportation


Our main client base lies in the transportation industry. For more than 30 years, our transportation insurance has covered every angle ranging from securing, training, and managing quality drivers, to fuel cost fluctuation and everything in between. Transportation is vital for any commercial industry; therefore, the industry in itself should be protected from any manner of potential liabilities.


Coverage Options

We can create personalized coverage that caters to our client’s more specific commercial insurance necessities. To cover a more general basis of options, we can provide:

Contact us today to learn more about how our insurance agency can help your business stay protected. We’re here to help our clients businesses thrive; with our full range of options, you’ll be certain to find exactly what you need.


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